Services for Elderly Clients

SOPSeNewsHeader1MSM Solicitors has joined the Solicitors for Older People Scotland network. This is a network of Scottish solicitors dedicated to providing legal services for older people in a caring and sensitive way.

Solicitors for Older People Scotland works closely with Age Scotland.

We are acutely aware that some older people are wary of contacting a solicitor and sometimes worry about having to travel to the office or the cost of the services. As members of Solicitors for Older People Scotland, we operate under a strict Code of Conduct. Here’s what we’re happy to do to comply with the Code of Conduct:

  • Act with honesty and integrity at all times
  • Act only in the best interests of older clients
  • Be caring and sensitive towards older people and vulnerable clients of any age
  • Be courteous and responsive to all individuals and institutions
  • Remain up to date with legal issues affecting older clients and vulnerable clients of any age
  • Act only within their level of expertise
  • Obtain legal aid for clients whenever possible
  • Where legal aid is not available charge reasonably and transparently, and seek to minimise clients’ costs at all times
  • Make home, hospital or care home visits at no extra charge to clients
  • Allow clients the assistance of a trusted friend, relative or advocate if wished at meetings
  • Communicate regularly and clearly with clients
  • Take account of, and seek to overcome, visual or hearing difficulties in communicating with clients
  • Communicate in plain English
  • Where specialist expert advice is required obtain this for clients
  • Where requested, update family members about work completed at no charge

We subscribe wholeheartedly to this and aim to reflect it in our day to day practice. The emphasis is on helping make older people more comfortable when they deal with their lawyer. You can view the Code of Conduct by clicking here.

One of the key commitments to older clients is to carry out an assessment as to whether the client is eligible for legal aid. The preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives can, potentially, be covered by Legal Aid.

There are many resources on the Solicitors for Older People Scotland website. You can view those by clicking here.

Guides to the range of services

There are guides to the range of services that member firms provide ranging from Powers of Attorney through to making your Will, Advanced Directives and Equity Release. You can access the resources page and read or download the guides by clicking here.
You can check out the cost of care in your area by using their online care calculator – just click here to access this.
There is also a family care package where you can download all of the details and enjoy the benefit of a discount as well as clear guidance on what you need to do after a death.

The entire package of help is available to you through MSM Solicitors from our offices in Paisley, Bridgeton and Partick.

Contact any of our offices for more information or telephone us on 0141 889 6244 or click here to email us.

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