Flight Delays give rise to claims

British Airways AircraftIt won’t have escaped your notice that British Airways have been in the news this week for all the wrong reasons. Their computer system crashed and this meant that all its flights were grounded for three days. This has resulted in long delays for passengers. In terms of EU regulations, delayed passengers can claim compensation if there flights have been delayed for specific periods with the amount being determined by distance to be travelled.

If your flight’s been delayed for more than 3 hours you have a right to compensation.  How much you are entitled to depends o the distance you are due to travel and can range from  €250 – €600 per person irrespective of the ticket price.

The first thing to do is to contact the airline and advise them you wish to claim. Many airlines now have  an online claims process that you can complete.Once you complete and submit it, remember  to  check with them after no more than 2 weeks to make sure they’re  dealing with your case.

Airlines also have an obligation to provide food refreshments and accommodation in respect of long delays. If you have to pay for any of these things yourself, make sure you keep the receipts and submit them as part of your claim.

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