Paisley Singer found Not Guilty of Drink Driving

Person being breathalysedSinger Paolo Nutini was found not guilty of drink driving at Paisley Sheriff Court this week. The singer had been charged after police visited him at home following a tip-off that he’d been drinking in a Paisley bar in February of this year. When police breathalysed him at his home, he recorded a reading of 48 micrograms of alcohol in 100ml of breath – the legal limit is 22mcg.

However, Nutini claimed to have had a drink when he returned home after he’d been driving. The expert witness in the case stated that his post driving drinking would have accounted for a higher level reading and advised the court it was possible that he was under the legal limit when he was driving.This is a classic “hip-flask” defence case. Given the expert evidence, there was sufficient doubt that the singer had been over the legal limit when he had been driving and that led to his acquittal.

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